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Friday, May 29, 2015

Inside The Creation Of The Smithsonian's African American Museum

We get the latest on construction of the last new museum on the National Mall: the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

D.C. Residents Work To Keep The Reins As Woodridge Neighborhood Changes

Residents in D.C.'s Woodridge neighborhood say they're trying to shape how their community is redeveloped, as new businesses and homeowners settle in the area.

University Of Maryland President Vows To Revive Road That Cuts Through Campus

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh wants to develop College Park and the Route 1 corridor into an "Innovation District," replete with more amenities than just fast food and bars.

Route 1 Center Targets Hidden Poverty In One Of Maryland's Richest Counties

Howard County, Maryland, is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation... but some people are still struggling to make ends meet.

A Flea Market and Focal Point for a Hispanic Community

The Washington Boulevard Marketplace — a.k.a. the U.S. 1 Flea Market — attracts Hispanic families of all incomes and backgrounds.

This Week On Metro Connection: Route 1 (rebroadcast)

We'll travel one of our region's oldest highways — a road that cuts through Maryland, D.C., and Virginia — as we bring you a show about Route 1.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Judge Denies D.C. Request For Immediate Stay Of Concealed Carry Ruling

A federal judge on Thursday refused to stay his decision tossing out a key provision of D.C.'s new concealed carry law, raising the likelihood that the city will have to review and possibly grant applications for concealed carry permits that were originally denied.

Replace Railcars Or Fix Them? Decision Isn't Entirely In Metro Board's Hands

The transit authority is ready to buy 220 new railcars, but that money is on hold for now. Metro is awaiting a federal decision that will affect whether those cars are simply added to the fleet, or whether they must be used to replace and retire older cars.

Wherever D.C. Is Wild, Biologists Will Have A Plan For Action

Most states have a plan for protecting wildlife, especially species that are becoming increasingly rare. The District of Columbia lacks any such policy, but a new Wildlife Action Plan, in theory, will fill that void.

Tax Increase Plan For Schools Is Shelved By Prince George's County Leader

County Executive Rushern Baker says he was too aggressive in his plan for a property tax increase of more than 15 percent to add $133 million to the education budget.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Buying The Farm In Arlington: County Leaders To Sell Historic Reevesland

Leaders in Arlington County are taking action to sell a historic property — a move that has neighbors in the Bluemont neighborhood up in arms.

On Budget Day, Court Ruling Seems To Favor D.C. Budget Autonomy

A court ruling on Wednesday seemed to favor D.C. budget autonomy, but legal uncertainty remains before city officials can spend locally raised dollars more freely.

D.C. Council Approves Budget That Increases Spending On Homeless, Housing

The 2016 D.C. budget approved by legislators increases spending for homeless services and to protect affordable housing, drawing plaudits from advocates who more often find themselves fighting for funding.

Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 27, 2015

Life is hard, confusing, funny and devastating. You can see two plays that focus on characters who are just trying to figure things out.

Not All Cattle Farmers In Virginia Are Embracing State's Stream-Fencing Program

A program intended to keep streams cleaner — and ultimately improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay — isn't catching on with all of the Virginia cattle farmers that it was supposed to attract.