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Friday, June 5, 2015

Two-Year Moratorium On Fracking Takes Effect In Maryland

A two-year moratorium on the practice known as fracking has taken effect in Maryland, allowing opponents time they say is needed to further make the case that it harms the environment and shouldn't be allowed at all.

Feeling Down And Out? Just Walk It Off, Says One D.C. Doctor

One D.C. doctor is trying to connect more of his patients to medication for their ills that's easy to find: the city's outdoor spaces.

House Cuts Metro Funding, Prompting Complaints From Local Lawmakers

D.C.-area members of Congress are calling on House Republicans to restore funding for Metro safety improvements after the House cut the federal government's funding for Metro by $50 million.

This Week On Metro Connection: Global D.C.

We'll explore the nation's capital as an international crossroads of cultures and people.

'The Barge' Seeks To Keep Invasive Species From Hitching A Ride Overseas

Researchers are working on a barge docked in Baltimore to find ways to get rid of invasive species that arrive on international cargo ships.

Flory Jagoda: Virginia Musician Preserving A Tradition Rooted In Sephardic Judaism

Born in Bosnia, Flory Jagoda is often credited with keeping Sephardic Jewish music traditions alive.

Malian Musician Makes Base In Maryland, But Keeps His Heart In Africa

A Malian native who now lives in Maryland has played the N'goni for the U.S. Congress and the World Bank, and has a Grammy nomination to his name.  

Forget The Cronut: Is D.C. On The Cusp Of A Kolache Craze?

A mouth-watering treat is coming to D.C., by way of the Czech Republic... and Texas.

Georgetown Scholar Studies Little-Known Detention Facilities For Immigrant Kids

Many of the Central American children who try crossing the U.S.-Mexico border have spent time in the U.S. government's detention facilities for undocumented immigrants.

An Asylum Seeker Shares What It's Like To Be A Lesbian In Saudi Arabia

Because she says she can't express her real identity in her native land, a lesbian from Saudi Arabia is seeking asylum in the U.S.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Retrial Granted For Man Convicted In Chandra Levy Murder

A judge has formally granted a retrial in the case of a man convicted of killing D.C. intern Chandra Levy more than a decade ago.

D.C. Council Wrestles With Questions About Parking For Drivers With Disabilities

How many parking spaces should be reserved for people with disabilities, and where should they be located? Those are questions the D.C. Council is trying to answer after the troubled rollout last year of the city's red-top meter program.

HBO Series 'Veep' Could Ditch Maryland For Hollywood

For the past few years, HBO series "Veep" has filmed in Maryland in part because of generous tax breaks. But now the show may be heading to California.

Door To Door: Wheaton, Md. And U Street, D.C. (rebroadcast)

It's our weekly trip around the region. This time around we'll visit Wheaton, Maryland and U Street, D.C.

Virginia Justices Hear Sweet Briar College Appeal

The lawsuit brought by maintains the college is a trust based on the will of its founder and Sweet Briar's decision to close must be approved by a court.