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Math Class Made Delicious: Learn About Cones Through Scones

"Conic sections" are the four kinds of curves that result when a plane slices through a cone. But if you forgot that bit of high school algebra, here's one way to make sure you digest the lesson — this time, in a most delicious form: scones.

The Life Of Paula Deen: In A Four Course Menu

What's on the menu? A Paula Deen retrospective.

Book News: Reading And Writing Slow Dementia, Study Says

Also: Joyce Carol Oates ignites a Twitter controversy; George Orwell's fashion choices; and the best books coming out this week.

Random Acts Of Tipping

Since his brother's death a year ago, Seth Collins has been touring the country giving $500 tips to restaurant servers, the last request in his brother's will. He aims to hit all 50 states by the end of the year. Collins speaks to Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin.
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Capital Fringe Festival Returns To D.C.

A "Performance Art" festival kicks off in the District this week.


Miranda July: From The Outboxes Of The Noteworthy

Filmmaker and artist Miranda July's new project, We Think Alone, blasts emails from some well-known names on intimate topics to anyone who signs up for them.

An Italian Picnic Without The Pasta

In this installment of our Weekend Picnic series, Jim Kent visits an Italian chef in South Dakota's Black Hills, who shows us how to prepare a great lightweight picnic.

Seinfeld Lends Himself To An 'Album About Nothing'

Washington, D.C.-based rapper Wale is 28 and riding high in the Billboard charts. As guest host Linda Wertheimer notes, his next album, The Album About Nothing features an expert on the subject, comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

'Loteria': A Fortune Told By Mexican Bingo

Loteria is the story of 11-year-old Luz Castillo, in state custody after her father is arrested and her mother disappears. Luz tells her tale piece by piece, using cards from loteria, a Latin American game of chance. Guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with author Mario Alberto Zambrano about his first novel.

One Garden's Climate Struggle (And How To Save Yours)

Two longtime gardeners share the changes they've seen over the years at Hillwood Estate in Washington, D.C. As blooming times become more sporadic, new flowers stand out as stars and an unwelcome fungus springs to life. Take notes: Your garden might benefit from some adjustments.