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Warren Buffett Puts Heinz In His Pantry

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway already owns Dairy Queen. Brazil's 3G Capital, which is part of the deal to buy Heinz, already owns Burger King.

Jobless Claims Fell By 27,000 Last Week

The decline looks like another sign that the labor market is slowly, steadily, improving.

American, US Airways Announce Merger

American Airlines and US Airways have agreed to merge in an $11 billion deal that would create the world's biggest airline. For more on the merger.

Retirement Accounts Got Healthier Last Year

The nation's largest administrator of 401(k) accounts says the average account balance grew by 12 percent last year. Two-thirds of that growth is attributed to the surging stock market. The other factor is increased contributions from workers and their companies.

Happy Valentine's Day, Don't Forget It's Tax Season

Just in time for Valentine's Day and tax filing season, the independent Tax Policy Center has updated its online marriage bonus and penalty calculator. The new numbers reflect the latest changes in the tax code. Couples considering a walk down the aisle might want to take a look at this before saying,"I do."

In N.C., Obama Pushes For American Manufacturing

President Obama is spending a few days this week pushing his State of the Union message in cities across the country. He began the tour in North Carolina on Wednesday talking about manufacturing and the return of factory jobs.

Lew Expected To Be Confirmed As Treasury Secretary

President Obama's nominee for Treasury Secretary Jack went before the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday. Lew appears headed toward confirmation by the full Senate. But he did get some pointed questions from Republicans about his stint as an executive at Citigroup.