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What Heals The World? Soup, Made By Moms

The food we cook to nurture the sick is remarkably similar across cultures. When the sniffles hit, we crave gentle foods like chicken soup and gruel.

Birth Control Pill Mix-Up Leads To Pfizer Recall

Pfizer is recalling 1 million packages of oral contraceptives because of errors in the order or types of pills. The mistakes could leave women at risk for unintended pregnancy.

Cystic Fibrosis Drug Wins Approval

The Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug that treats cystic fibrosis by addressing an underlying cause of the disease. But the medicine, called Kalydeco, will cost nearly $300,000 a year.

Monsanto Accused In Suit Tied To Agent Orange

A class-action lawsuit claims Monsanto spread dioxin and other toxic substances when it made a primary ingredient for Agent Orange in West Virginia. Dioxin has been linked to cancer and other illnesses. At issue is whether Monsanto must pay millions to monitor the health of everyone in the case.

Furor Erupts Over Susan G. Komen Halt Of Grants To Planned Parenthood

The breast cancer charity says it has stopped the grants because of a congressman's investigation into whether Planned Parenthood has used public money to provide abortions. Planned Parenthood says Komen is bowing to political bullying.

A Computer Beats A Pen For Getting Prescriptions Right

Hospitals see a huge drop in drug mistakes when doctors use a computer to write prescriptions, instead of pen and paper. Software can correct miscalculations, warn of allergic reactions and eliminate doctors' notoriously poor handwriting. But few hospitals have adopted the technology so far.