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A Bid To Replace Neglect For Tropical Diseases With Attention

The new initiative marks the first time the world's 13 biggest pharmaceutical competitors have agreed to collaborate on a common goal and share their expertise on potential drugs, one of the project's leaders says.

Could A Club Drug Offer 'Almost Immediate' Relief From Depression?

Currently, there's no quick fix for severe depression. Antidepressants usually take weeks to work, if they work at all. But patients who received experimental doses of ketamine — long used as an anesthetic, and an illegal club drug — report an astounding relief from their symptoms in less than a day.

Romney's Unlikely And Persuasive Defense Of The 'Individual Mandate'

Mitt Romney offered a vigorous defense Thursday night of Massachusetts' decision to mandate that nearly every resident either have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. In fact, some say it was the best defense of the individual mandate made by any candidate — including the president — so far this election cycle.

Military Drops 'Birth Control Glasses' For Fresher Pair

Over 22 years, the military's thick-framed, large-lensed, standard-issue glasses have developed a reputation for seriously hurting their wearer's chances of getting a date. Now, the military is finally offering a new design.

Scratching An Ankle Is Hard To Beat

Scratching an itchy ankle is more satisfying than relieving an itch on your back or arm. Even if you thought you knew that, scientists now have evidence to back up your hunch.

Heavy Doctors Avoid Heavy Discussions About Weight

Physicians who pack on the pounds discuss weight loss less frequently with obese patients than doctors who have normal weights, a study finds. Overweight and obese physicians expressed greater confidence in prescribing weight-loss drugs than other doctors.