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Physicians Group: Weigh Costs In Treating Patients

There is a lot of debate these days about the costs of medical care, and the risks. On Monday, the American College of Physicians issued new ethical guidelines on whether doctors should consider costs when deciding how to treat patients.

Japanese Smoking Culture Proves Hard To Snuff Out

Japan has long been a friendly place for smokers. Despite tens of billions of dollars in cigarette-related health costs and damages, anti-smoking initiatives have always had trouble gaining traction.

What Vietnam Taught Us About Breaking Bad Habits

In the 1970s, a sizable number of U.S. servicemen in Vietnam self-identified as heroin addicts. But when they returned stateside, the number of these soldiers who continued their addiction was surprisingly low. Why? Turns out a massive disruption in their environment and routine played a big role in helping them change their behavior.
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Area Hospitals Work To Source Local, Sustainable Food

More area hospitals are trying to step up their game when it comes to local and sustainably produced food for patients and employees.

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New Maryland Law Expands Women's Medicaid Coverage

More low-income women will be eligible for Medicaid family planning services in Maryland when a new law takes effect in the state next week.


A New Year's Forecast For The Health Care Bill

One of the biggest political question marks going into 2012 is the fate of the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Audie Cornish speaks with Noam Levey of the Los Angeles Times about what's ahead for Americans in terms of health care in the new year, including a constitutional challenge to the law's mandatory health care provision.

Haitians Mark The New Year With A Belly Full Of Soup

On New Year's Day some 200 years ago, Haiti gained its independence from France. Each Jan. 1, Haitians commemorate the event by eating soup joumou — a dish their former French rulers considered too good for them. The soup is so beloved that it can land some in the hospital.