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Exhibitors Strut Offbeat Wares At Public Health Confab

Need a plush pancreas or spleen? How about a T-shirt featuring a liver? Yes, there's a company selling those and more. And the goods are on display at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association.

Study Finds Scant Evidence Of Heart Risks From ADHD Drugs For Kids

ADHD drugs like Ritalin don't pose a big risk of dangerous cardiovascular problems, according to new research. But the risk could still be doubled for the 2.7 million children taking stimulant drugs to treat the symptoms of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

The Case For A 'Check In' Instead Of A Checkup

Instead of an annual check-up, many doctors suggest that a regular "check-in" is a better idea. At a check-in, you can discuss any health concerns you have and get the limited tests and preventive screenings that are appropriate and helpful for someone of your age and risk profile.

Will Obama's Executive Order Alleviate Drug Shortages?

President Obama's executive order to help alleviate drug shortages could help cancer patients and others who are discovering that their drugs aren't available, sometimes for months at a time. Doctors say they've been able to work around some of the shortages by prescribing alternatives, but that the growing number of shortages are making that more difficult.

Controversial Cholesterol Pill Vytorin Shows Promise For Kidney Patients

A Food and Drug Administration analysis shows a drop in heart attacks and strokes among people taking Vytorin in the early stages of chronic kidney disease, before they need dialysis.

Kids And Teens See More Ads For Sugary Drinks

Kids and teens saw double the number of ads for soda in 2010 than they did in 2008, according to a report. The author says the industry's efforts to regulate its advertising to kids haven't worked.