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Get To Know 'Number Needed To Treat'

A single statistic can help show how beneficial, or not, a treatment is. It's called the number needed to treat. And the lower it is, the better.

Chill Out For A Better Workout

Getting hot and sweaty makes it hard for many people to keep exercising. A new study found that chilling people's palms while exercising helped them keep going.

Fatty Foods Bad For Sperm

Saturated fat, the stuff in meat and dairy foods, was associated with lower sperm counts, in a study of 99 men who were clients of fertility clinics. The results, though preliminary, suggest there's something men can do to boost the odds their sperm are up to their evolutionary task: eat better.

Adult Filmmakers Question Condom Requirement

Male porn actors in Los Angeles are now required by city ordinance to wear condoms. The multibillion-dollar adult film industry says the law will harm the local economy and threaten the health of performers. The law could be extended to the rest of the county in a vote later this year.

Canadian Hospitals That Spend More Get Better Results

Research suggests that patients in Canada do better when hospitals spend more on specialized tests and treatments. But the same may not be true in the U.S., where hospitals are already better equipped.

Connecticut Considers Letting Health Aides Give Medicines To Homebound

The state legislature is now mulling a change to allow trained home care aides to administer medications to Medicaid patients while working under a nurse's supervision. If the proposal becomes law, it could save the state a bundle.