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Family In Mali Eats French President's Camel

When French President Francois Hollande came for a visit, Mali's government gave him a camel. Unable to transport the camel home, Hollande left it with a local family who then ate it. Embarrassed officials have promised Hollande a new camel.

Russian Parliament Moves Ahead On Anti-Blasphemy Measure

The bill would make it a crime, punishable by prison and a steep fine, to offend religious feelings.

She Won $40,000! No, It Was $40 Million! Happy Dance Time!

VIDEO: Maria Carreiro of Toronto was thrilled when she thought she had won $40,000 in a Canadian lottery. When she found out her prize was 1,000 times better, she was ecstatic. See her tell the story and dance for joy.

'The Way Of The Knife': Soldiers, Spies And Shadow Wars

The CIA has morphed from a traditional espionage service concerned with stealing the secrets of foreign governments into an organization consumed with hunting down its enemies. New York Times journalist Mark Mazzetti chronicles this transformation in a new book, The Way of the Knife.

For Some Britons, Thatcher's Death Provokes Celebrations

Critics of the former prime minister have not remained silent in the wake of her death. Some Britons have openly celebrated her passing, with harsh graffiti, cyberattacks, drinking in the streets and even fireworks.
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Tim Gallagher: "Imperial Dreams: Tracking the Imperial Woodpecker Through the Wild Sierra Madre"

A naturalist tracks the Imperial woodpecker through Mexico: He describes his dangerous expeditions through the Sierra Madre mountains to save a rare bird.


'Very High' Chance North Korea Will Soon Test Fire Missile

South Korean officials say the North has made preparations and looks ready to make its next provocative move. The mood in Seoul remains calm, however.

Hugo Chavez's Legacy Looms Over Venezuelan Election

Morning Edition is in Venezuela ahead of Sunday's vote to elect a successor to the late President Hugo Chavez. Interim President Nicolas Maduro is running as Chavez's heir apparent. The opposition candidate is Henrique Capriles.