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U.S. Trumpets Stealth Bomber Training Run Over Korean Peninsula

In rare move clearly aimed at North Korea, the U.S. command in the South announced the practice bomb run by the Missouri-based B-2s.

Judge Rules Pistorius Can Leave South Africa

The Olympic and Paralympic sprinter has been accused of murdering his girlfriend. He says it was a tragic accident. He is now permitted to go to international competitions while awaiting trial. A judge also relaxed other restrictions placed on Pistorius when he was granted bail.

Lost Camera In Hawaii Turns Up On Taiwanese Beach

In 2007, a young woman lost her camera scuba diving off Hawaii. It was found last week by a China Airlines employee thousands of miles away on a beach in Taiwan. China Airlines offered the owner a free ticket to come pick up the camera — the memory card still has pictures on it.

Banks In Cyprus Reopen As Island's Economy Hits Reboot

Cypriots face tough restrictions on how much money they can withdraw. And the island nation's economy, which is based on financial services, faces the prospect of having to start over again.

On India's Trains, Seeking Safety In The Women's Compartment

Like some other big cities around the world, New Delhi has train cars reserved for women only. The female riders say it offers them a secure way to commute, but they argue that the larger problem is male attitudes.

After 2-Week Closure, Cypriot Banks Reopen

The Mediterranean island nation's leaders are hoping to prevent a bank run. Customers could see limits on cash withdrawals that could last for months. The terms of the bailout deal are a shocking outcome for a country which built itself on its banking industry.