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'Over A Year Or So' Before Iran Could Develop Nuclear Weapon, Obama Says

While he hopes diplomatic efforts dissuade Iran, the president also tells an Israeli TV network "I continue to keep all options on the table." Iran has denied it is trying to develop such weapons.

Vladimir Putin Hobnobs With ... Steven Seagal

First, Russian President Vladimir Putin granted citizenship to French actor Gerard Depardieu. Now, Putin is hobnobbing with the actor Steven Seagal. The star of Under Siege toured a new sports facility with Putin, who used the occasion to call for reviving a Soviet-era fitness program in which kids threw javelins, learned to ski and fired guns.

Could Tapping Undersea Methane Lead To A New Gas Boom?

A giant reservoir of natural gas lies under the ocean floor, and no one had successfully extracted it until this week. Japanese engineers pulled it up through a well from under the Pacific. But there are still lots of unanswered questions about the viability of this new gas supply.

Chavez Faithful Look For A Way To Keep His Memory Alive

Ten days after his death, Hugo Chavez's remains are being moved to a museum after being on display at a military academy. The government has been debating what to do with the body long term. His political heirs simply say they want to keep his memory and image alive.

2 Dead Indian Fishermen, 2 Accused Italian Marines, A Diplomatic Row

India wants the marines returned to stand trial. Italy is refusing to send them back. The Indian Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Italian ambassador not to leave the country. Both countries claim they are on solid legal footing.

Seminarian Hopes Pope Francis Will Heal Religion's 'Crisis Of Faith'

Melissa Block speaks with John Connaughton, a 36-year-old American seminarian studying at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, about what it's like to witness the transition of popes firsthand.