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War And Foreign Policy Through The Eyes Of Vietnam Veterans

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmed Sen. John Kerry as the next Secretary of State. Former Sen. Chuck Hagel is set to become the next Secretary of Defense. Critics and supporters of the men point to their service in Vietnam as critical qualifications.

The Challenges To Democracy In Egypt

Egypt's defense minister warned that the rising conflicts and chaos in the country could result in "the collapse of the state." Ongoing violence highlights the continued tensions between the government and the opposition, and raises questions about the prospects of Egypt's transition into a democracy.

For Your Next Caribbean Vacation, Haiti ... Maybe?

Haiti is trying to sell itself as an international vacation hub in a bid to revive its once-vibrant tourism industry. Officials in say tourism could be a major driver of economic growth and help lift Haitians out of poverty.

From Here To Timbuktu: Myth And Reality At The World's Edge

When people refer to the ends of the earth, they invariably mention Timbuktu. The fabled West African city on the cusp of the Sahara has a mystique that has lasted for centuries, fueled by a history shrouded in mystery, wealth and intrigue.