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Taliban Say They Shot 14-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Who Exposed Their Cruelty

Malala Yousufzai kept a diary and detailed the Taliban's actions. After it was featured on the BBC, she became a national figure. Now, the Taliban say they're behind her wounding and that they'll try again to kill her if given the chance.

VIDEO: Australia's Prime Minister Doesn't Hold Back As She Rips Opponent

When she rose to address the opposition leader this week, Australia's leader tore into him.

Risks Of Global Economic Slowdown Are 'Alarmingly High,' IMF Warns

International Monetary Fund economists also warn that things could get even worse if European leaders don't finally get the euro crisis under control and if U.S. lawmakers let the federal government go over its "fiscal cliff."

In Mexico: Cartel Leader May Be Dead, Key Lieutenant Captured

Heriberto Lazcano, "The Executioner," was reportedly killed Sunday in a battle with Mexican marines. Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, known as "Squirrel," was captured hours earlier.

Uganda's Leader: 26 Years In Power, No Plans To Quit

The man who seized power in Uganda decrying other African leaders who overstayed their welcome has now been in office for 26 years. As the country turns 50, more and more Ugandans say their president has grown autocratic as he clings to power.

War And Violence On The Decline In Modern Times

Despite news of terrorist bombings and crackdowns in Syria, two recent books argue the world has never seen so little war and violence. Steven Pinker, author of The Better Angels of Our Nature, and Joshua Goldstein, author of Winning the War on War, discuss. Originally broadcast on December 7, 2011.