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Massive Failure: 670 Million In India Lose Power; Grid Collapses For Second Day

Tuesday's outage affects nearly 200 million more people than live in North and Central America. It created chaos again in New Delhi and other major cities as trains and traffic stopped.

How U.S.-Iran Tensions Are Tied To Afghanistan

To the United States, Iran is a pariah state. To Afghanistan, Iran is a powerful neighbor that could help promote development and stability, and that puts U.S. foreign policy in conflict. On one hand, Washington is looking for every opportunity to contain Tehran. But, if Iran chooses to help achieve the American goal of peace and stability in Afghanistan, the U.S. might have to turn a blind eye.

Controversy Followed Romney On Overseas Trip

Mitt Romney's weeklong trip to London, Jerusalem and Poland was designed to bolster his foreign policy credentials. Instead it's been riddled with gaffes and controversy.

Punk Band's Case Tests Putin's Tolerance For Dissent

Three women charged with blasphemy went on trial Monday in Russia in a case that's being seen as a major test of President Vladimir Putin's tolerance for dissent. The women are members of the band Pussy Riot. They were arrested after staging a punk rock protest at the altar of a Moscow cathedral.

Italy Worries Sicily's Woes Could Have Ripple Effect

The eurozone crisis has led to sharp spending cuts and, with an economy based on public sector wages, Sicily is being called Italy's Greece. The central government fears Sicily's debt of more than $6 billion could further endanger Italy's financial stability.