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Tori Amos On World Cafe

Hear the endlessly inventive singer-pianist perform classically inspired songs in the studio.
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Remembering Bluegrass Pioneer Earl Scruggs

He helped define the bluegrass sound and redefine the banjo. Earl Scruggs died Wednesday at age 88...


Alan Lomax's Massive Archive Goes Online

More than 17,000 sound recordings made by the famed folklorist are now available, for free.

Baloji: Finding A Home In His Music

The Belgian rapper's beats are based on the music of Congo, where he was born. On his new album, Kinshasa Succursale, he reflects on his life as an African in Europe.

Dry The River: Songs Of Cardiac Anatomy

A veteran of punk bands, Peter Liddle switched to acoustic guitar to keep quiet as a med student.

Susan Justice: Sometimes You Just Have To 'Eat Dirt'

To get away from a strict religious family, Justice fled to New York in 2001 to busk on the streets.