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Winter Songs: Tap-Dancing To 'Sixteen Tons' On The Hood

In rural Minnesota, listener Veronica Horton made her own fun by dancing to Ernie Ford's classic song.

World Cafe Looks Back: '90s Singer-Songwriters

For World Cafe's 20th anniversary, a look at archival interviews with '90s-era singer-songwriters, including Bruce Cockburn, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann and Suzanne Vega.

First Aid Kit: Swedish Blood, American Hearts

The two sisters from Stockholm have a sound steeped in the traditions of American country and folk. Their new album is called The Lion's Roar.

K.G. Omulo: Globally Minded Afropop

The Kenyan-born singer discusses moving to the U.S. and adapting the music of his homeland into something more cosmopolitan.

A 'Guitar Zero' Finds It's Not Too Late To Learn Music

When it comes to learning an instrument, children have the edge in many respects. Using himself as a guinea pig, psychology professor Gary Marcus resolved to find out whether nonmusical adults have any chance of turning things around.

Jessie Baylin: Searching For A Certain 'Spark'

The Nashville singer-songwriter says that pulling off a classic pop sound can mean putting up with technological hurdles.