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IRS Targets Money Transfers In Social-Welfare Politicking

With the sharp growth in politically active social welfare groups, there's a booming business in transferring money among them. The IRS wants to stop those transactions but it won't be easy.

Pressure Mounts On Fast-Food Industry To Pay Workers More

Workers and advocates for higher minimum wages will be staging protests at fast-food restaurants and major retailers on Thursday. They want these companies to significantly raise the wages for their lowest paid workers. So what would happen, if for example, McDonald's raised its lowest wage to $15 an hour? In some cases, that would double the pay workers get now.
NPR Now Allows Window Shopping, And A Do-Over

Probably the best feature of the retooled website is that you can actually use it. People are now able to get a customized list of plans and prices, and click through to see an insurer's provider directory. Still, better though it is, it's clearly not 100 percent.

Report: Threat Of Mandatory Minimums Used To Coerce Guilty Pleas

And the study by Human Rights Watch finds that defendants who take their fate to a judge or jury face prison sentences on average 11 years longer than those who plead guilty.

Pipeline On Wheels: Trains Are Winning Big Off U.S. Oil

Railroads are increasingly becoming the preferred means of shipping the masses of oil being produced in North Dakota and surrounding states. The railroad industry is eager to fill in for the lack of pipeline capacity. But some say the train growth needs to slow down.

Telemundo's 'Highly Unusual' Resurrection of 'El Señor'

Telemundo announced that its telenovela El Señor de los Cielos (Lord of the Skies) will be back for an unheard of second season. This is a radical departure from traditional telenovelas, which have a clear beginning and a definitive ending.

Fertility Drugs, Not IVF, Are Top Cause Of Multiple Births

For years doctors have been telling women that it's risky to implant multiple embryos when they do in vitro fertilization. They've listened, and the number of multiples from IVF has dropped. But the number of births of triplets or more has barely budged because of women's use of fertility drugs.

Immigration Advocates Face Hurdles In GOP House Districts

Hispanics make up 17 percent of the nation's population. But they live disproportionately in districts represented by Democrats.

Nothing Says Christmas Like 700 Screaming Faces

Every year, as a gift to the American people, the Norwegian Embassy decorates the Christmas tree at Washington, D.C.'s Union Station. This year's tree is decorated with 700 reflective ornaments featuring the man from the painting The Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. This month marks the 150th anniversary of Munch's birth.

These Days, School Lunch Hours Are More Like 15 Minutes

In a new poll, parents complain that their children are not getting nearly enough time for a basic school ritual: eating lunch. And that's worrying parents and administrators, given that about one-third of American kids are overweight or obese.