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A Field Guide To Democratic Responses To Scandals

A long week of scandal has been tough on more than just the White House. President Obama's allies are struggling with how to respond to their first taste of really bad news within the administration.

Illinois Lawmakers Send Medical Marijuana Bill To Governor

Gov. Pat Quinn has not said whether he will sign the bill after the state Senate approved the measure, which includes tough guidelines for who is eligible.

After Deadly Chemical Plant Disasters, There's Little Action

Proposals for chemical plants to use "inherently safer" design practices have been blocked by industry executives and their allies in Congress, despite deadly accidents and the risk of a potential terrorist attack that could harm an entire community or city.

Conservative Advice To GOP: Don't Legislate, Focus On Scandals

The political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation wants GOP leaders to set aside legislation like the farm bill that might turn attention away from questions about the IRS and Benghazi.

Aw-Inspiring Video: Sea Lion Worries When Little Girl Falls

On one side of the glass: A little girl running in circles. On the other side: A sea lion swimming in circles. When the little miss tripped, the sea lion came to a quick stop. It's a feel-good moment.

Biking To Work: Healthful Until You Hit A Pothole

Biking to work is a great way to get exercise, save money and reduce pollution from cars. But does the risk of accidents cancel out all the good? Experience in Europe says no, but the

Listener Encourages Hugs And Violins

Guest host Celeste Headlee and editor Ammad Omar crack open the listener inbox for feedback. This week, violin lovers say a conversation about aggressive parenting hit the wrong notes.

Millennials Choosing Buses And Bikes Over Buicks

Millennials are now driving less, waiting longer to get licensed, and turning more to public transportation and car-sharing. So is America's so-called driving boom over? Guest host Celeste Headlee asks Paul Eisenstein of