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Letter Sent To Obama Tests Positive For Ricin, FBI Says

Meanwhile, police were investigating suspicious packages at Senate office buildings. This comes a day after a letter to the Senate contained a substance that initially tested positive for ricin.


A 'Whom Do You Hang With?' Map of America

Put away that old Rand McNally map — it's time for a new way to see what America really looks like.

Texas Prosecutor Murder: Wife Of Jailed Ex-Justice Arrested

Mike McLelland, the district attorney in Kaufman County, and his wife were murdered in late March. In January, an assistant district attorney in the county was killed. Authorities are looking at whether a justice of the peace with a possible grudge, and his wife, were involved.

Boston Blasts Remind Us Of Fragility Of Life

The attack in Boston makes us think about our own vulnerability. Psychologists have used the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and other tragedies to track the arc of recovery from this kind of incident.

American: 'Near Normal' Flights After Day Of Delays

Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed on Tuesday due to a glitch in the airline's computerized reservations system.

Boston Marathon Explosions: Wednesday's Developments

The investigation continues. The FBI and other agencies are appealing to the public for help. The key clue may be in a photo or video taken by a spectator.

Seeking Oakland's Soul In The 'New Oakland'

Oakland, Calif., was a hub of African-American life on the West Coast. Today, it's one of the most diverse cities in the country. How has that shift affected its culture?

The Pitch For More No. 42s

There's more buzz than usual this year around baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who made his major league debut on April 15, 1947. But commentator Frank Deford says there isn't enough buzz in college athletics to help shape the Robinsons of the future.