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Can U.S. Embassies Be Safe Without Being Unsightly?

Beauty vs. security. Some say the two can exist in the same space when it comes to America's embassies.

Supreme Court Makes It Harder To Challenge Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

The court blocked a suit contending the law is unconstitutional from going forward, saying the challengers had no legal standing because they had not shown with sufficient certainty that they had been monitored. That decision all but ensures there will be no further challenge to the law.

Most Republicans Who Signed Support For Same-Sex Marriage Aren't In Office

A large group of prominent Republicans signed on to an amicus brief that argues in favor of a constitutional right to marry for gay Americans. Only two of the politicians, however, are likely to face voters again. While the public at large has moved rapidly on the issue and now favors gay marriage, Republican voters do not.

Despite Its Flaws, There's Money In Measuring Consumer Confidence

Adam Davidson of the Planet Money team joins Audie Cornish to discuss one of the most widely-cited economic indicators: the Conference Board's monthly Consumer Confidence survey.

Immigration Officials Release Detainees Ahead Of Budget Cuts

Audie Cornish talks to Ted Robbins about reaction to the Obama administration's decision to release immigrant detainees. The move was attributed to budget cuts.