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FCC Proposes Public WiFi Network

The federal government has proposed an ambitious plan to build public WiFi networks across the country. The idea is to boost innovation, and make the Internet cheaper and more accessible. Renee Montagne talks to Cecilia Kang, a reporter for The Washington Post about who likes the idea and who doesn't.

FMLA Not Really Working For Many Employees

Labor organizations say the Family and Medical Leave Act is too restrictive and that workers often have to choose between their family and their livelihood. Now, there are calls for Congress to expand the law and provide paid leave.

One-Way Tickets To Florida: Puerto Ricans Escape Island Woes

Life in Puerto Rico is tougher than ever. The U.S. territory — popularly known as "the island of enchantment" — faces a decaying economy and escalating violent crime rate. Many residents are leaving the island in record numbers and embracing the mainland as home.

Gun Violence Robs Chicago Mother Of 4th Child

In Chicago, one mother has lost four children to gunfire — the first was murdered about 18 years ago. The last of the siblings was buried Monday. Shirley Chambers says something must be done, but she's not sure new gun restrictions or more police on the streets will make a difference.

Judge Rules Texas' School-Funding Method Unconstitutional

The judge ruled that the state's so-called "Robin Hood" scheme, which requires schools with more resources to share with those in poorer districts, is unconstitutional, both because the money is insufficient and because it is not distributed fairly. The decision is expected to be appealed.

Critics Question Witness List Ahead Of Immigration Hearing

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro on Tuesday may be one of the few to call for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Some worry that the House hearing signals Republicans' continued opposition to compromise.

Aging Poorly: Another Act Of Baby Boomer Rebellion

Many of them have cut out smoking, and rates of heart attack and emphysema have declined. But baby boomers are burdened with diabetes, hypertension and many other chronic conditions. Researchers say too little exercise and a rise in obesity threaten baby boomers' golden years.