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Obama Nominates John Kerry For Secretary Of State

President Obama tapped Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to be the next Secretary of State on Friday. Kerry is expected to win easy confirmation in the Senate, which would be a relief in the midst of fierce partisan battles over taxes, spending and — coming next month — gun control. Melissa Block talks to Scott Horsley.

NRA: 'Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun'

The normally strident National Rifle Association remained largely silent for nearly a week after the Newtown shootings. That ended on Friday, with a news conference that the group promised would unveil ideas to make sure such a thing would not happen again.

An Urban Tree Farm Grows In Detroit

How does a post-industrial city manage property that no longer generates tax revenue but still needs the grass cut? One entrepreneur says he has a solution: He's buying up 1,500 empty city lots and planting thousands of trees. But where backers see a visionary proposal, critics see a land grab.

Boehner's 'Plan B' Falters In The House

On Thursday night, a vote on the Republican plan for avoiding the "fiscal cliff" was canceled in the House of Representatives. Apparently Speaker John Boehner didn't have enough GOP votes to pass his so-called "Plan B". Melissa Block talks with Republican Congressman Steve LaTourette of Ohio. He would have supported plan and is disappointed it failed.

Nativity Collector Dreams Of Mangers And Museums

Margo Dixon has a longtime passion for Nativity scenes and has accumulated 1,450 sets over the years. When she retired two years ago, Dixon moved to Bethlehem, Pa., with hopes of opening a Nativity museum.

For NRA, There's Nothing To Debate About Guns

Some politicians believed the mass shooting in Newtown would be a tipping point leading to new gun restrictions. That may still happen, but the NRA and other groups have made clear their belief that guns aren't the problem.