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Romney's Wealth 'Gaffes' Seem Less About Money, More About Him

What's interesting about the Romney situation is that a presidential candidate's revelations of his wealth haven't always been seen as a gaffe. Anything but. In fact, Americans generally haven't shown an antipathy to wealthy politicians running for president or even rich presidents.

NPR will have coverage of the Republican primaries on Super Tuesday, supplemented by local reports from WAMU News reporters.


Controversial Election Shakes Once-Stable Senegal

Violent protests marked the run-up to Sunday's first round of presidential elections in Senegal. Unofficial vote counts indicate a possible run-off between incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade and a former prime minister. Critics say Wade's third term bid is unconstitutional, and they are concerned about corruption and the high cost of living. Host Michel Martin checks in with NPR's West Africa Correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton.
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CQ Roll Call: Congress Returns, Transportation Fight Looms

The battle over a transportation funding overhaul is getting increasingly tense on Capitol Hill, and the outcome could have significant consequences for mass transit projects in the D.C. area.


Monday's Political Grab Bag: Romney, Santorum Tied In Michigan?

Ahead of Tuesday's primary, Romney and Santorum appeared tied in Michigan but polls indicated the former Massachusetts governor was significantly ahead in Arizona. Other polls showed the health-care law to be unpopular in some battleground states and gave mixed signals about whether or how much Obama's re-election chances had improved.
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O'Malley, McDonnell Split Hairs Over Regional Job Creation

The governors of Maryland and Virginia got into a little spat over job creation at a national governors' conference in D.C. this weekend.


Santorum Defends Saying JFK Speech On Religion Makes Him Sick

The race for the Republican presidential nomination enters another crucial week, with contests Tuesday in Arizona and Michigan. Rick Santorum is tied nationally with Mitt Romney in a new national poll of Republicans.
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Congress Gears Up For Fight On Transportation Funding

Members of Congress have their work cut out for them this week when it comes to a transportation funding bill that would shift some funding from public transportation projects to highways.