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Line Item Veto Bill Gets Bipartisan Support, Opposition

A bill that would grant the president a line item veto on projects in Congressional budget bills has become the rare object of bipartisanship -- with both support and opposition coming from both sides of the aisle.


'Congress Will Act': Fight Over Birth Control Coverage Moves To The Hill

Some religious groups have attacked the Obama administration's plan to require most employers to provide coverage for prescription contraceptives. GOP lawmakers are now vowing to overturn the requirement; meanwhile, Democrats say they'll fight to maintain it to protect women's health.

Buoyant Santorum Takes Campaign To Texas — And Corrals Some Perry People

Fresh off victories in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum campaigned in Texas on Wednesday. He told a small group of pastors, some of them former supporters of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, that he is the true conservative left to challenge Mitt Romney.

Conservatives Worry Romney's Vision Is Cloudy

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's losses on Tuesday have raised questions once again about his ability to inspire passion from his party's base. There has been a daily drumbeat begging Romney to put some meat on the bones of his policy agenda and set out his vision for the country.

Counting The GOP Delegates, But Not Before They're Official

The NPR Delegate Tracker credits a candidate with delegates only when party rule or state law unambiguously awards those delegates to that candidate.

After Glum Night, Romney May Find Signs Of Hope In Colorado Swing County

Rick Santorum won the Colorado caucuses Tuesday on the strength of social conservative and Tea Party voters. Yet he fared differently in one battleground county that will be key in the swing state in November.

Ron Paul Fans Stay Committed After Colorado

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has yet to win a primary, but his supporters remain enthusiastic. Robert Siegel speaks with Ron Paul supporters Christa Leonard in St. Paul, Minn., and Ken Stanton in Fort Collins, Colo., following the caucuses in those states about what's keeping them committed.

Santorum Takes His Victory Lap In Texas

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum won Tuesday's caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado, as well as the non-binding primary in Missouri. On Wednesday, he took a victory lap in Texas.